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Wednesday, July 27, 2005 10:07 p.m.

Happiness..I am holding onto my happiness now

as promised to honey, i m writting this entry... dedicated strictly to my most loved boy... Alvin-chan...
honey, my love for u is always getting more and more...=D

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl, who always spend her time dreaming of meeting her Prince Charming...
She would dream of meeting him in school... so she will try to get along well with her guy classmates...but end up fighting with guys more.
She would dream of meeting him on the street.. so whenever she goes out, she will be guy-shopping instead of window-shopping...but only see weird looking guys.
She would dream of meeting him on the bus... so she tends to try to leave the seat beside her empty till a potential guy came up...but only aunties/ladies/ahpek came up.
She would dream of meeting him through those penpal columns... so she always write the magazines and wait for response...but she received none.
She would dream of meeting him through online chatting.. so she spend long hours on irc chatting with unknown guys...but all were juz talking nonsense one.

As time passes, more and more people surrounding her found their prince charmings, while she is still all by herself... She decided.. being alone wasn't bad at all, instead, she enjoyed being alone... Until one day... she finally admitted, that is all just a lie. Being alone wasn't great at all and she is afraid being alone.
She needs to be cared, loved and be close with someone... she wants to be the most important person for someone...

He entered her world as a friend and share his sadness with her... she just patiently listened and gave him encouragement all the while..
Slowly, they developed more than friendship.. which is kinship... they became the so-called god brother and sister relationship..
but the relationship couldn't last long... because she realised she expected more than being brother-sister relationship.
She was afraid that he don't think the same way as her and also doesn't want to lose him, so she thought it would be better to remain just brother and sister.. She started to keep her distance from him..not too much but its still kind of obvious.
Eventually...they had a "confession/confrontation".. but she was scared..
She was worried of taking a step forward. she worried she would lose she took a long time to decide whether to say YES/NO.
She took way too long.. long till he started to feel hopeless, starting to drift away from her...and both of them felt painful to remain in that stage..
She realised she need to give a reply soon... shouldn't delay anymore... and on the 25th September 2004.... she nodded.

He showered her with lots of love and concern.
He stood by her when she is feeling low.
He pampered her like a little baby and cheered her up by showing cute expressions.
He shared his warmth with her when she is feeling cold.
He created lots of beautiful memorable memories for her.
He forgived her easily even when she did the wrong things and hurt him.
He promised her to be with her forever and ever.
He waited for her whenever she is busy.
He waited again when she is late.
He waited for her unconditionally.
He loved her unconditionally.

SHE, the girl... now is typing this entry... feeling extremely happy... happily drowning in the sea of love..
HE, the guy... now is still loving her deeply~

Cupid/Angels of LOVE.. thanks for setting us up...i'll treasure him for sure. *smile*

Thursday, July 21, 2005 12:00 a.m.

Currrently listening to: Initial D OST - Tanning in your sunray (damn nice nice sia)

watched initial d the other day... 24th June.. nice nice movie.. with nice racing effect... and nice music! acting not bad la... but now main concern is.. music nice nice.. intially only noe 2 songs from the movie.. after watching.. i realised i like 1 sorta background music alot too~ told Dearie is another song nice nice.. but he keep tell me is Yi lu xiang bei instrumental version... (*_*)||| of cos not!!! its another song... but tat time onli listen for that.. a couple of mins.. so i wasnt sure.. so i assumed i was wrong lor.. but now the ost out... den i found the song.. haha.. actually still must gan xie dearie.. cos i dunno which songs to dl... den i try dled 2 out of 16.. wrong song.. den i asked dearie which one seems more possible.. den he picked "tanning in you sunray". wah~ very zhun! hehe.. he 1 pick jiu correct.. hao li hai wor.. keke.. so i got the song i like.. and its realli very nice wor.. got those sweet sweet go on date kinda feeling... hehe... zhen de.. VERY NICE song wor.. hehe.. Honey, correct hor correct hor? =P

eh.. hmmm... recently life at work abit bored.. cos my pantry cum loo kaki is gone... den now more lonely.. and doggie oso not ard to entertain me... hmmm but heng ar... still got tat yingtao ah, dumbo's owner and orenji.. so not very jialat.. oh yah.. and mavis back too... hehe...
still waiting for Dearie to get well soon den can make me lunchbox den come find me eat together... keke... *imagine* wah wah wah~ hen sweet hor? hehe... :D

lalala...wat else i wanna blog huh... hmmm.... eh eh.. forgotten liao sia.. haha.. but main thing is.. i like the song!!! tanning in your sunray~ wahhhhhh nicenice... and lastly.. DEARIE DEARIE!! suki~ daisuki!!!! =X

Friday, July 8, 2005 12:00 a.m.

jialat jialat.. today i m again bad bad.. spoilt my date with dearie, and made him sad.. *sorry sorry.. honey i bad ger, pls forgive me and dun be sad too k? i already ok le... really!*

all the bloody fone fault... y must u be sold out at the super duper wrong timing! arshole.. curse and swear! #@#%$#^%&&*(

anyway, hopeless case.. dun wan think abt that for the time being.. juz wanna stay calm relax and forget all the suay incidents!!!!

eh... i went to watch the war of the worlds... not tat bad.. juz abit chim~ haha.. the.. graphic effects not bad.. den the grossy level is.. yah, damn gross! yucks~ but overall is not that bad lor..

juz now walked by the wat gameshop in Century Square.. tampines.. den saw the recruitment notice...dearie wanna try... and i think its good! hehe.. dearie like like de workplace...den somemore at jp sia.. hehe.. pray hard hard... tat the job is good for dearie!!!! *praying and praying and praying* =)

Monday, July 4, 2005 12:14 a.m.


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